Gift Boxes & Tins

We can put a variety of items in our gift boxes: PoPcorn, Fudge, Candies, Chocolates, Sodas!

PoPcorn Tin Refill Reward Cards!

We refill any and all tins, not just our own :-)

Be sure to get your PoPcorn Tin Refill Card stamped

each time you refill your Tins and someday earn a FREE refill!

Contact us for bulk order discounts on tins and be sure to order your tins ahead of time so we have what you want for Christmas gifts and they will be ready when you choose a date to pick them up. 

Shop our new online store and have it shipped, delivered or pick it up in our store!

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Shop Kernels & Kandies

We are getting special edition Disney Tins with 

Mickey & Minnie Mouse in some NFL, MLB, NHL & NCAA teams!

Call 405-470-7446 or come in to see if we can get your teams 

& pre-order your popcorn tins to ensure you'll get them for Christmas!